3 Ways To Broaden Your Perspective And Improve Your Life

For most of us, we tend to stick with the beliefs we’ve been told without ever questioning them or trying to see a different perspective. There’s so much to be learned and understood but we’ll never know it if we only stick to the same perspective and way of life that were were born into. I’ve recently noticed how little I question, and how much better I could be doing when it comes to broadening my perspective and paying attention to what really matters. If you want to expand your mind here’s some ways you can do it:

Travel Somewhere You’ve Never Been Before

person walking on street between buildings with string light on toabove

Traveling is a great way to broaden your perspective because it opens your mind up to new experiences and ways of living. Even if you can’t afford to travel far, even visiting a neighboring town that you’ve never been to or going to a store you wouldn’t normal go in allows you to witness how other people live.


Reading is a great escape. It allows you to enter into someone else’s shoes and see life through their lens. There has been so many times that I’ve read a book and shifted my opinions or ideas about something because of what I’ve read. Get out of your comfort zone and read a book by an author you’ve never read before or about topic that makes you uncomfortable. You may be surprised to find that your ideas may change.

Attend A Club Meeting

Attending a club meeting is a great way to meet new people and learn more about a particular topic. Whether it’s a meeting for something you love or something you don’t have much experience with, spending time with passionate strangers will teach you new ways of looking at and doing things.

In all these scenarios one variable remains, other people. You won’t expand your mind and shift your perspective if you spend all your time in your own head and around people who are just like you. You need to go out and see what other people doing and how they’re thinking. See how much further you go when you trade in your criticism for curiosity.


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