Quick Detox Water Recipe

Raise your hand if you’d like to lose some water weight before the start of summer! My hand is right up there with you. Lately my stomach has been both irritated and bloated, and I have been searching for a solution. I want to lose a little weight before my birthday trip to Boston next month, and I figured the best way to start would be to get rid of that pesky water weight. While on Pinterest, I came across this delicious looking detox water recipe. It is super simple to make and so refreshing! I fill up my mason jar with this water in the morning and I find myself refilling during the day because I am constantly chugging it. Sometimes drinking the recommended water intake can be a little challenging, but this water makes it easy because it is genuinely so good.


4 slices of lemon

4 mint leaves

4 slices of cucumber

16 oz of water

All you have to do is throw all the ingredients together and you are ready to start sipping away! The longer the fruits and vegetables soak in the water, the better they taste. This water is like a detox for your body and will clear you out and have you feeling fresh and clean. I have been guzzling this down and I know you guys will absolutely love it.

Are you going to try this drink? Comment below what you think of it!

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