Always Tired? These 4 Habits Could Be Draining Your Energy

Do you ever feel drained after you hang out with a certain someone. C’mon, we all have that Debbie Downer friend who we love dearly but sometimes we just want to duct tape their mouths shut so the negativity will stop spewing out. Have you ever felt exhausted even though you got a full night’s sleep? One of those days when you sleep 8 hours had 2 cups of coffee and still almost fell asleep at your desk. If you’ve experienced exhaustion on days that you’ve had a full nights rest, it’s probably because you’re carrying around some heavy habits. Certain habits will leave you yawning while trying to hold up heavy eyelids no matter how much sleep you got. If you find yourself exhausted here are some habits you may have that could be hurting your mental and physical health.


Overthinking is like that toxic friend I know all too well but am desperately trying to remove from my life. I used to be a major over thinker who would drive myself nuts going over hundreds of scenarios until I felt completely exhausted. Nothing good comes from overthinking. There is no peace, no mindfulness, no clarity. This is a nasty habit that I had that I am still working to completely quit. I have found that I end up missing out on beautiful moments because my mind is foggy and elsewhere. I was able to make a lot of progress by controlling my thoughts and focusing on the present moment by practicing mindfulness and journaling.


Most people do not drink nearly enough water necessary for proper body function. Women should drink 2 liters a day while men should be drinking 3. Drinking water significantly affects energy levels as well as maximizes physical performance. I used to (and still sometimes) struggle with drinking enough water. Exercising, squeezing fresh lemon in my water, drinking a glass before breakfast and drinking water with a straw has helped me to drink more water throughout the day. If you are struggling with drinking water try buying a glass or reusable water bottle that you love to keep you motivated. You could also create your own drinking game to keep it fun!

Pro tip: Take a shot of water every time you catch yourself overthinking! šŸ˜‰

Eating junk food

Poor eating habits will leave you feeling like you just got hit by a bus. Junk food tastes good but it wrecks havoc on your body causing you to be tired, irritable, and have low energy. Eating foods that are free from sugar and packed with nutrients will give you energy, help you think clearly, and keep you fuller for longer. I started substituting fatty desserts for something a little more nutritious. Instead of scarfing down cookies or ice cream, I will opt for a brown rice cake with peanut and chocolate chips or oatmeal with berries.

Spending time with negative people

This is probably the sneakiest energy drainer. Not every close friend is a good friend, in fact they could be draining your energy and making you more unhealthy. Spending time with negative, miserable people will leave you feeling tired even on days that you had a full nights sleep. It’s extremely important to surround yourself with positive forces who will uplift you and keep your energy up. If you have negative friends in your life, feel free to limit your time with those people. You do not want to find that you have let yourself and your future down because you spent time being influenced by and annoyed with fake or negative friends.

Do you get tired from any of these sneaky energy drainers? Comment below so we can learn from each other!

Let’s grow together.

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