Stressed Out? Here Are 5 Ways To Prioritize Your Peace Today

When was the last time you felt truly peaceful? Think about it for a moment. Identify a moment when you felt present, safe, and relaxed. How long ago was it? Was it 5 minutes or 5 years ago? Most of us go through our daily lives, months on end, without feeling relaxed. I remember during my years in college I felt perpetually stressed out. I was always rushing somewhere, late for something, missing someone, or feeling some form of FOMO. I developed cystic acne, found my hair becoming more brittle, and was gaining a ton of weight. It was rough. I got to a point where I was so unhappy that I promised myself that I would do whatever I can to not feel so unpleasant all the time anymore. I recognized that stress is typically associated with adulthood but it does not have to be. Just because you are an adult, does not mean that you need to suffer from stress on a daily basis. Many factors of adulthood can be demanding and anxiety-inducing, but it only is if you let it be. Certain systems can keep you stress-free and feeling more peaceful throughout your day. Here are 4 extremely simple habits you can implement in your everyday life to keep you feeling less stressed and more at peace.

Take a walk

Walking is such an underrated form of exercise. Not only does it keep your body trim, but it also is very meditative and simple to do. Starting my day with a walk always puts me in a much better mood. When I start my day this way, the remainder of it feels more centered and focused. I find that I make better choices and am more happy when I go for a morning walk. It does not have to be long, even just 20 minutes of walking in the morning is enough to shift my perspective and mindset.

Turn off notifications

Listening to constant buzzing is not how you want to spend your days. It will leave you feeling anxious and upset instead of cool and collected. We are not meant to constantly be alerted and yelled at by our phones. If you want to make your days feel more peaceful, turn off your notifications on unnecessary apps such as personal emails, social media, and games. You can stay up to date by checking your less important apps at a designated time of day. That way everything is more organized and you do not have to feel stressed out by buzzing all day.

Eat meals without your phone

I have a terrible habit of grabbing my phone every time I sit down to eat a meal. This makes me focus less on what I am eating and have an overall less satisfying meal. In order to be more present and really savor your day (and your food!), ditch your phone when eating meals. This will allow you to be more active in your life and feel less foggy. Usually our phones hold pretty stressful information, let go of negativity and properly enjoy the food you have been blessed with by taking time away from it during your meals.

Do a 5 minute meditation

Meditation is truly a game changer. Like walking, meditation keeps you more present and level headed throughout your days. Meditating in the morning is a great way to start your day because you begin with intention and with a clear mind that steers clear from overthinking. Life is beautiful when lived in the moment. My favorite meditation app to use is the Waking Up App by Sam Harris. This app is super helpful and has opened my mind up to the psychological benefits of meditating. Check out my post about the app so you can find out how to get a 1 year free subscription.

Take the scenic route

For all my frequent drivers out there (especially those in the tri-state area), I know you probably opt to take highways, but here me out for a second. Sure, taking local roads won’t get you to your destination as quickly, but they will give you more peace and a chance to embrace nature. Ever since I was a kid I have loved going on long car rides and glazing out the window the whole time. Now, as an adult, I still love it and make an effort to take local roads when I can. I find it to be more peaceful and it gives me an opportunity to spend more time in the car listening to music, a podcast, or simply just spending some quiet time alone. These days everything is so focused on rushing and efficiency, but it is important to make time for yourself and the thing that make you feel good.

Do you have any tried and true habits that reduce stress? Comment below!

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